Bednar Proseed 3 V1.0 Fs17

bednar-proseed-3-v1-0_1 bednar-proseed-3-v1-0_2

Here for you the conversion of the Bednar ProSeed 3 no-balancer.
Since we use this machine mainly on our Dedi to test, some functions are installed, which are certainly not real.
The thing can be ALL fruit plants including poplars, onions and carrots.
It fertilizes and burrows at the same time. (CAUTION: Removes NO ChoppedStraw (Whatever) ()

Working width: 7m
Price: 74000
Seed: 3520l
Fertilizer: 1720l

Modell: jerrico
Textur: jerrico
Script: –
Idee / Konzept: jerrico
Tester: [FSM]Team
Konvertierung zu LS17: [FSM]Team


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