Case Cvx Blue Edtion V2.0.1.1

I once made the Case CVX, which was changed:
Slightly darkened
1 New wheel configurations added
TM1000 Wide tire with wheel weights and inscription in blue
Tire pressure dampers and springs have been adjusted, braking force increases steering
Wheel color selectable
Weight of case of approx. 8t. to about 20t. increases from now a heavy device
The license plate of Blacky_BPG has been installed
Speed ??increased from 50kmh to 68kmh
PS adjusted from 313 to 590 increased tractive force
Xenon built up Season ready made ie. more radiance forwards and backwards.
Turning on the working lights changed first turn on the front working lights and then the rear ones
Illuminated interior
Auspuffqualm now also smokes black
Store picture unfortunately the original work I still turn
Multiplayer no errors.
Wish you a lot of fun and joy with this mod. 🙂
mfg meadow8

Modell: Wiese
Textur: Wiese
Idee / Konzept: Wiese
Tester: Wiese
Sonstige: Blacky_BPG Kennzeichen Script


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