Category: Tractors


Standard Fendt V0.98

This is the rebuilt standard Fendt Configurations: Front loader Paintwork selectable Wheel color selectable Tires: standard tires, standard tires with wheel weights, wide tires, care tires. Motor variants: 712, 716, 720 and 724 Vario...


John Deere 7800/7810 V2.0.0.0

Converted and edited from Farming Simulator 2013. Original author is Sotillo. Version Little update Specialization: attacherJoints lights frontloaderAttacher animatedVehicle speedRotatingParts motorized steerable drivable cylindered aiVehicle bunkerSiloCompactet honk washable mountable wheelRotations ——ADDED——- interactiveControl interactiveWindows...


Mtz 82 Turbo V2.0

Mtz tractor edited to be similar to real one. Have IC controls to open hood, left door, back window and roof. Buyable back attachers, FL console, wheels and right side cab protection when mowing...