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Pts – Van V3.0

Price – 4500 (on day 20). Required power – Volume 60 – 25 000. AutoFit. Lock the drawbar. Lighting. Pervozit: hay, straw and grass. By clicking on the “V” button – there are forks...


Dt 75m And Ladle V1.2

Equipment for lining dump purchased in the store or in the workshop. Version 1.2 Involved third axis (in the middle), and now natural obstacles passes. He befriends her with the autopilot. Prescribe permanent all-wheel...


Joskin Tornado 3 V2.0

Joskin Tornado 3 by Nico Version 2.0 Bug Serveur fixed Fb page -> Tossibility to change wheels colors (yellow, grey) Credits: Model: Giant/NicoModing Texture: Giant/NicoModing Script: Giant/NicoModing Idea / Concept: NicoModing DOWNLOAD