Category: Trailers


Krone Turbo 2500 V1.0

Dear LS friends, Almost everything works on this converted loader wagon. The emphasis here is on “almost”, because the unloading animation does not work. I’m sorry, dear friends, I just did not get baked....


Tebbe St450 V1.0

Here is a TebbeST450 for you have fun with it. He almost 45m³ and is built into the joskin silospace. Price: 42530 DailyUpkeep: 50 Brand: Joskin Category: Tippers Credits: Chrisi136 TheVario DOWNLOAD


Pts-18 V1.0

Tractor trailer tipper. Capacity: 13000/18000 l. Two types of body, lighting, washable. Log clean. Authors: TYOMATY, Serega Zheltok, Max155, Evgenii Skryndik, Roman Diakiv, Maksim_93 Credits: – DOWNLOAD