Cp Nf March 4 Times Water V1.0

CP water courses for North Frisian march 4 subject
Water from the sewage treatment plant to the yard at the well (if there should be no more water in the sewage treatment plant then you can absorb water at the yard at the well)
Water to the animals (sheep> pigs> cows)
Water to dairy> bakery> beer> potato> sewage treatment plant (sewage treatment plant that can be repeated again for the connection “water from the sewage treatment plant to the yard at the well”)
Water to Weaving> Vegetables> Egg Yard> Cement> Cows> Sewage Treatment Plant
Water to fruit> distillery> sugar> pulp> sewage treatment plant
Vehicles and trailer
Trailer hitch (Kotte Universal Pack)
Courses for individual approaches come with the next update 2.0
Try to do more courses.

Modell: BlackEagle_GER
Textur: BlackEagle_GER
Script: BlackEagle_GER
Idee / Konzept: BlackEagle_GER
Tester: BlackEagle_GER
Sonstige: BlackEagle_GER


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