Fanex 604 Front Attacher Version + Colorchoice V1.0

Hi Guys,
here i have a new Mod for you. This is only a little modification of the original Giants Model. This is not primary a reality mod. I modified the original Fanex 604 Tedder, to use it as a Front-Attacher Tool. If you use the original Version as a front tool, it will wobble arround when driving and it has no function. I modified it to a static Tool and did some modifications, so it has it function as Tedder in this Front Attacher Version. But you can not use THIS Version on the Rear of the Tractor anymore. In this case you have to buy the original Version in the Shop.
For Example you can tedd cuttet Gras to turn it into hay. With a Rake on the rear you can windrow the Hay again, to collect it with a Baler or Collectortrailer.
If you want support me, please download the Mod with the original Download-Link. Have fun with it!

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants // Edit by EndlessDark
Script: Giants // Edit by EndlessDark
Idea / Concept: Endless ark
Testing: EndlessDark


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