Farming Simulator 2017 Is Comming!


It’s confirmed, the coolest farming game – Farming Simulator 2017 is comming this fall! What new functons will we have? Whats comming, what will it look? Not much is known at this point, but some say that classic’s will be added to game, since “retro” is the new “new”.

Altough developers like to tease us about the new game, some function leaked out! On we could see the article about FS 2017 game so we think that we will see this mods in game:

Lely Splendimo 900 MC Mower
Lely Lotus 1250 Profi Tedder
Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi Rake
Lely Tigo XR 75 Combi Loader wagon
That’s all we have for now, but more news are going to leek soon for sure. Till then, follow us on our Facebook Page for daily updates!

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