Fertilizer, Seeds And Pig Feed Refill With Hand V1.0

fertilizer-seeds-and-pig-feed-refill-with-hand-v1-0_2 fertilizer-seeds-and-pig-feed-refill-with-hand-v1-0_6

Once again a world first 😉
Since my pallet handling in LS17 still quite annoying and I still play with the smallest devices, I have some experimenting and following came out here:

A pack consisting of:
– Purchasable fertilizer bags, seeds and swill that you load by hand and fill the fertilizer spreader, tipper or bucket. (Capacity 100 l / bag, so that they can still carry)
– A pickup truck with belts to transport small items, including belts. (Eg to transport the fertilizer bags)
– A converted conveyor belt which can fill in fertilizer sacks.

Pig feed first needs to be thrown in a dump truck or shovel to feed it. The bags are not accepted.

Only known issue: If you accidentally are 2 different Fruchtypen in the conveyor belt can be that can no longer be the bags spawn.
Solution: Save and Score Reload.

Modell: Giants, slowtide63
Textur: Giants, slowtide63
Script: slowtide63, Xentro: FillablePalletFix.lua
Idee / Konzept: slowtide63
Tester: slowtide63

DOWNLOAD FS17_slow_Fertilizer.zip – 21.3 MB

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