Fs17 Sell Point Placeable V1.5

Version 1.5
More products:
Wheat barley rape sunflower soybean corn potato sugar beet dung
Fertilizer Seed Feed Feed Mix Chaff Chard Woodchuck Silage Straw Pig Feed
Grass hay liquid fertilizer milk fermenter manure fuel wool tree composting compost

Abladetrigger revised:
Unloading possible with any vehicle

Here can be sold:
Wheat barley rape sunflower soybean corn potato beet fertilizer
Seed Feed Feed mix chaff woodchips silage straw pig feed
It’s my first building, constructive criticism please
It is forbidden to upload this mod new, not even in a different form!

Modell: Giants/Sas1325
Script: Sas1325


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1 Response

  1. Rod Gouin says:

    I had this before and its great.
    on my new install of win7, it wont load?

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