Gdr Watercraft V1.1

Here is our converted DDR water hanger.

Version 1.1
RealLights installed in the brake lights and eliminated a few small bugs. Should now be error-free.
Otherwise, please return feedback to us.

We have rebuilt the two barrels here and changed a few small things.
Actually only one had the idea that we should change the texture times. Unfortunately, this did not bring the desired optical success. So the barrels were rebuilt and re-textured. There is still a small graphic error at the spout, who can find it can keep it. Does not really disturb.
Credits up to now and now: Treckerjack / AW / Alali / GMT / *** Eastmodding friends ***
All the nonsense with not uploading elsewhere, etc., we spare ourselves here now times.
Does not hold any.

Modell: Treckerjack/AW/Alali/ GMT/ ***Ostmodding-Freunde***
Textur: Treckerjack/AW/Alali/ GMT/ ***Ostmodding-Freunde***
Script: Treckerjack/AW/Alali/ GMT/ ***Ostmodding-Freunde***
Idee / Konzept: Treckerjack/AW/Alali/ GMT/ ***Ostmodding-Freunde***
Tester: Treckerjack/AW/Alali/ GMT/ ***Ostmodding-Freunde***
Sonstige: und alle anderen die nicht in der modDesc stehen


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