Goldcrest Farm V1.0

goldcrest-farm-v1-0_1 goldcrest-farm-v1-0_2 goldcrest-farm-v1-0_4 goldcrest-farm-v1-0_5

This is the basic Goldcrest map with all the animals on the farm. you can now buy and sell chickens in this map includes the joskin Betimax RDS7500 animal trailer with corrected chicken boxes. altered the landscape to fit all animals near the farm and added storage for potato sugarbeet forage forage_mixing chaff silage woodchips grass grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow straw manure liquidManure water. and added sugarbeet & potato pallets dass die grimmeRH2460 Produces to be sold at the Spinnery So the chicken eggs are all in a rack to be collected.

credit for the joskinBetimaxRDS7500 and the chickens go to CBModding


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