Hagenstedt Vs Hotte V2.0

hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-0_1 hagenstedt-vs-hotte-v2-0_2

Here my first attempts to rebuild a map.

Hagenstedt VS Hotte V2.0
The errors of V1.a are fixed.
On the farm are now the cows and sharps
Gates can be opened with the R key.
The tab for the MixFeeder Opens it with CTRL + M + F
How much is the map please write in the comments if you want to have another version or not.
These pluins need to be able to play the map games.


My ändernungen are .:
The farm is on the main courtyard
The main courtyard has a wall Receiving, buildings have been converted.
The PDA is not yet matching comes in the next version and some other changes.



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