Ifa W 50 Pack With Trailer V1.0

IFA W 50 Pack with trailer
Transport 1x IFA W 50 flatbed + trailer to the fruit
1x transport IFA W 50 bales + trailer to the straw bale (with autoload)
1x IFA W 50 tarpaulin + trailer for all-round transport (belts installed)
1x transport IFA W 50 case + trailer to the pallet (with autoload)
Transport 1x IFA W 50 cattle + trailer to livestock
All vehicles are fully animated (IC control), the tarpaulin and the suitcase must be opened from the outside to have a more genuine gaming experience (see pictures).
The pack does not have to be unzipped, just download it and put it in your mods folder.

Hewaaa, Freerider


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