Kcender Valley Coop Farms V1.0.0.0

Set in the fictional countryside of Kcender Valley, this map is intended to be run as a series of Co-Op Farms in multi-player gameplay. It contains seperate farms for each animal type, several central Co-Op operations yards where all the shared equipment can be stored, and two Co-op owned storage facility for grains, root vegetables and bales. The map contains many varied sell points scattered around the map. Enjoy!!

Map Highlights:
– Three Animal Farms and several central Co-Op shared work areas for storing shared equipment.
– A diesel storage tank located at the main Co-Op yard that must be fill up before you can refill vehicles.
– Four Grain Sell Points on the map (Kcender Valley Co-Op, OGF Seed & Feed, Wogers Wholesale Silage and Orleans Grain) for the various crops.
– A Garden Center where you can sell Boards from the sawmill, bales and woodchips. There are also triggers to buy manure and slurry.
– Seperate High Capacity Storage silos at two Kcender Valley Co-Op storage yards, as well as a root crop storage building and several bale barns. You can store crops waiting for a high price.
– The dealer, BGA and certain sell points are only open during designated hours
– The BGA has various sized bunkers and two silage digesters.
– There are loading vehicles at the Dealer, BGA and Sawmill that are not owned by tou but can be used in game.
– You start out with NO owned fields, but alot of equipment.
– In Single Player mode, there are Missions on some of the fields.
– Two forestry areas need to be bought before harvesting trees.
– The sawmill produces pallets of boards that can be sold at the Garden Center.
– Chopped Straw has been Installed. (PC Only)
– A Milk Fill Trigger and Milk Sell Trigger have been added to the map but you must add the Stop Milk Sale trigger if you want to sell Milk manually.

FarmerJohn [jfhmodding]


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