Lemken Heliodor 9/600 Ka V1.2.2.0

Fix Hub Color
Added Dynamic Hoses
Added new Tires Selection (Standard/Wide and Wide Float)

Lemken Heliodor 9/600 KA semi-mounted cultivator
Working width 6m
Power required 180-240 HP
Various configurations:
Wheels Rim Color
Back tools configuration: Rolls Packer or Rolls Cage

Model: Giants,STv-Modding,Fendt 724 Vario 3,D-S Modding
Texture: STv-Modding
Script: STv-Modding
Idea / Concept: STv-Modding
Testing: STv-Modding,Fendt 724 Vario 3,D-S Modding
Other: STv-Modding,Fendt 724 Vario 3,D-S Modding


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