Morerealistic De Terra Italica Seasons V1.0.0.7

Contains: This map represents the area of the central-northern part of Italy. fix:
fillplane and particle fix:
sell price
some texture rewoked

A land that expands on the hills, on the border of two beautiful Italian regions: Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.
A map that represents the mediterranean landscapes of these areas, with its gentle slopes and the typical vegetation that characterize the surrounding area.

Now this is a standard fs17 map with some improve:
all field is now buyable with courseplay island compatibily
mult iterrain angle
GMKFC_Mod with dedicated texture
mCompanyFactory sawmill v1.3
mCompanyFactory compost master for compost production
mCompanyFactory beetHacker for beetpulp production for cows
mCompanyFactory biogasPlant for biogas production
mCompanyFactory farmFuelDepot for biodiesel storage
mCompanyFactory fertiMax for liquidFertilizer production
mCompanyFactory forageKing for forage production
mCompanyFactory grainMaster for wholegrain production
mCompanyFactory liquidFertilizerStorage
mCompanyFactory pigFoodStar for pigfood production
mCompanyFactory seedMaster for seeds production
mCompanyFactory slurrySeperator for separe digestate and bedding material
mCompanyFactory FarmSiloSystem for storage in farm
hoseSystem for cows and pigs liquidmanure and digestate
moreRealistic gamePlay with soilDraftForceFactor and sprayTypes kalk and compost
seasons Mod.

Sukaz and MarcoLs and freeModder


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