New Holland T9.700 Smarttrax V1.0


New Holland T9.700 4WD Tractor with SmartTrax II Track System.
Based upon the T9.560 tractor by giants, I modified the engine parameters to match the FPT Cursor 13 engine in the T9.700 series and replaced the wheels with the SmartTrax II crawler tracks by LBJ Modding. I tweaked a few settings on the default tractor to better match the track system, and tested it extensively to make sure everything works as it ought to. The tractor is very reliable, quite fun to drive, and pulls any implement or trailer with absolute ease.

3D Models by Giants Software GmbH
SmartTrax II crawler textures by LBJ Modding
Tractor assembled, adapted, tuned, and tested by MidniteLiquid (me).


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2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Any idea how to get the head lights not just turn on the front of the tractor, but light the area in front. Thank you

    • Chase says:

      @Matthew more than likely this is a conversion so the original person just converted it and did not however actaully manage to script in the new headlights as everything has been rescripted differently for FS17, kinda sux but i manage to make it through, if u stil have this problem what i can do to help is to download it and fix that for u myself. this is my Steam account if u would like to add me.

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