Peaceful Valley V2.1

peaceful-valley-v2-1_1 peaceful-valley-v2-1_4 peaceful-valley-v2-1_8 peaceful-valley-v2-1_10

Description Mod:
This is an edited version of Goldcrest Valley and my first mod.

Version 2.1:
> Modified farm zone.
> Pigs and Sheep moved near the Farm
> New Selling Point
> Vehicules fleet at the start modified
> Crane to load the train added next to the farm
> Minor changes to the rest of the map.
> The PDA map is not optimized for the moment !

Version 2.0
> Modified farm zone.
> Field near the Farm modified
> New secondary farm Zone near the city.
> Grass field near the new secondary farm zone.
> Minor changes to the rest of the map.

Model: Goldcrest Valley
Idea / Concept: revisit of the original map
Other: I am waiting for your comments


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