Polish Agrofarm V0.75 Fs 2017

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I decided to release you? MAPK? POLISH AGROFARM in beta, because?

Version 0.75
Improved mowing grass and cereals

I have very little time to lead? MAPK? to the ideal state. It? If you out? map like it and you’ll like this confusion lime further work and improvements. It? If the game noted for that? what? b ?? d or what? what you need to improve? please let me know at the news of private and [email protected]

Map features:
* Large field (11 fields and 3 ?? s)
* One farm on which s? cows pigs and sheep
* Biogas plant?
* Sawmill and many areas of forest to Clippings
* Collisions in storage on the farm where b? He could’ll be stocked? material you loose
* Pushed out manure in Krow (Beta)
* All doors and the doors opened for help? mouse
* Well-developed? T? sie? railway
* Dealer animals of the (purchase and sale)
* Bakeries

And now what you never no respect? namely BANS:
The prohibition of changing link
Ban edition
The ban on signing up? the authors

autors : Wowek12 & MIRIO


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