Projekt Schleswig-holstein V1.0.0

First, it should be said that the map is not a replica of Olden huts.
Welcome to the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein.

On this small but fine map you will find:
– 3 courtyards (main courtyard with cows and sheep, Oldtimerhof and Schweinehof)
– 31 fields (from 0.3 to 4 ha)
– 2 outlets + BGA
– Compostmaster
– lots of details (horses, cat, helicopter etc.)
– a conifer protection for forestry work
– AI traffic

On the map is sludge and GMK installed

Giants Software GmbH
Mapping: NiksLife
Danke an alle Modder dreren Gebäude ich verwendet habe.
Sollte jemand persönlich genannt werden wollen bitte beim Administrator melden.


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