Richard Western Sf16 High Spec V1.0

The Suffolk Tipper Trailer uses a modern design to optimize strength to weight ratio. Using the latest press breaking technology we engineer the strength in our trailer without adding unnecessary weight and with intelligent use of materials we create a unique monocoque construction.
The Suffolk Tipper Trailer has a nationwide reputation for strength and durability, with an impressive array of standard features and a wide choice of options you can build the Suffolk trailer to your exact requirements.

Functions and features
Twin axle monocoque trailer of three variations with many features and choices: Standard grain, Roll sheet grain and a silage sided trailer.

– Attache’s – Option for multiple trailer hookup.
– Default colour with colour options and matching hubs.
– Wheel setup choice (Road, Twin radial, Flotation).
– Design configurations – Standard, extra light pack, High visibility strips, rear spot lamps and multiple mix and match options to suit operator.
– Design colour for roll sheet (variation dependent).
– Standard body of galvanized wheel guard body.

Other information
This trailer utilizes full texture mapping and is setup using default GE values. All trailer prices and trailer options are based on 2017 prices from Richard Westerns website.

Needed mod for beacon: LightAddon by Vertex Dezign

Petorious, Iceblade modding, Karolis2051


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