Sandy V1

sandy-v1_1 sandy-v1_2

VOICI Sandy, (drawing annimée Bob L’éponge)
PS: Ont aime ous have aime pas, depending n’oblige personne a télécharger mes mods depending fait ACDE Parce que je sais que beaucoup de jeune aime Bob L’éponge & Compagnies.
Encore merci du soutient de Certaine personne.

Here’s Sandy (SpongeBob SquarePants)
PS: liked or liked not, I do not force anyone to download my mods, I do this Because I know a lot of young loves Bob Sponge & Companies.
Still thank you for the support of somebody.

Here Sandy, (animated drawing Spongebob)
PS: have love or not love, I am a person commit download my mods, I did this because I know a lot of young love Spongebob & Company.
Again supported thanks for the particular person.

Model: Ziczic33
Texture: Ziczic33
Script: Ziczic33
Idea / Concept: Ziczic33
Testing: Ziczic33
Other: Ziczic33


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