Sieradzka Wies V1.0

I would like to present you with a map called Sieradzka Village v1
This is my first map so it is not perfect, if you have any comments write in the comments what to correct, what is wrong done. I would like to share with you your how vomit and check if the map is good 🙂

What’s on the map ?:
* 1 Farm
* Shop with machines
* Purchase of grain
* Flat area like a bust in 13-feet;)
* Buildings (non-negotiable economy, grocery store, two blocks of flats, stadium)
* around 11-12 fields

Generally, I recommend this map for average computer performance and for tractors of at least 55-60 hp

Do not give the author a map. Someone else must be responsible for this hopelessness XD
Besides doing what you want 🙂



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