Square Bales Colour Pack (straw Edition) V1.0

This texture pack was created as I felt the default square straw bales in FS17 were too dark. I have brightened them so that they now match the default straw windrow colours more closely.
As well as the brighter straw texture I have also created five new versions with coloured baler string to give the bales more variety. You can only use one of the textures at a time, however.
Please read the installation file before use. This mod must be unpacked and cannot simply be dropped in the FS17 mods folder.
I take no responsibilty for any damage done to your FS17 installation when using this mod – you do so at your own risk. If you follow the instructions to the letter you should have no issues – please do not contact me about any corrupt FS17 installation or texture issues after using these files, as I cannot help you.

Original bale texture: Giants
Modded bale textures: Paranoid-Android


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