Swinging Axle With Frontloader (axle Lock Remover) V1.0

With FS17 all tractors have a free swinging front axle just like in real life to keep all 4 tires on the ground in uneven terrain. Sadly, as soon as you attach a frontloader the axle gets locked in place. That probably was built in for stability reasons, altough if you don’t drive like an absolute maniac the tractors drive just as well without the axle locked in place and as a bonus it can keep its 4 wheels on the ground and have proper traction. Also, just feels a bit more like the real thing…

So yeah, in short, this mod removes the lock from the axles so they can swing freely with a loader attached just like they do without loader. If you are out for some kind of realism in this game, this is the mod for you. (Assuming you do not play MoreRealistic Mod as “MoreRealistic” vehicles also come with this feature already)



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