T-150k V1.4.0

Price: 37 380 €
Service: 3 € / day
Power 175 hp The speed is 31 km / h.
Interactive control (IC): doors are opened, as well as doors can be opened from the outside,
Glasses are lowered, footrests are lowered to the engine; the sides of the hood are removed.
Working dashboard, lighting and mirrors.
Animation: hands of the farmer, cardan, fan, pulleys, belts), noise insulation.
Select an additional. functions: standard and design with air conditioning when buying, leaves traces, dust from under the wheels.
Tire pressure. Washable.
I advise everyone to download this tractor, because it is really good, very good.
Added 2 options for the engine 175 and 240 hp.
At purchase now it is possible to choose color (3 variants)
Added double wheels

Norton, 36region, ANDREI1994, dimaks, Pavel Vakulov,edit Kestas


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