Torchwood Radio 69 Map V1.2 Fs17

torchwood-radio-69-map-v1-2_1 torchwood-radio-69-map-v1-2_2 torchwood-radio-69-map-v1-2_3 torchwood-radio-69-map-v1-2_4

Welcome to Torchwood Radio 69 Map!
In this Versind the main courtyard has moved and all the animals are Moved to the main courtyard.
It was taken from a silage bunker on the main court. 5
The farm has plenty of space where many buildings can be placed.
Opposite the main courtyard we have the floor area where something verndert warehouses for sugar beet and potatoes will come out in the next version.
A eingezeunter my vehicle parking is also Geplan where is destination not so clear.
The Schop is now near the main courtyard.
Now we wish you much fun with our map.
The map may be nowhere else without our consent Published

Modell: Alexander2808
Textur: Alexander2808
Script: Alexander2808
Idee / Konzept: Alexander2808und AlexMarvin69
Tester: Alexander2808und AlexMarvin69
Sonstige: Alexander2808und AlexMarvin69


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