Traffic Safety Trailer (vsa) With A Lighting V1.0

Traffic safety trailer (VSA) with a light system for ls 17
The traffic safety trailer (VSA) is equipped with a lighting system to alert the following traffic over a distance about a danger such as an obstacle. Trailers of this type are also used by the Autobahnmeisterei to secure the work area.
The mod is a dolly the man can buy and attach. The left and right with the file is now so solved if you flick links on the left of the file is synonymous, Right is just like that. Unfortunately, I have no idea how the other with Feil hinbekommt maybe can help me via pn.
There are some hours in this mod again, I hope someone can help me.
lg kaki power 29

Modell: Giants
Textur: Kaki power 29
Script: Kaki power 29
Idee / Konzept: Kaki power 29
Tester: Kaki power 29


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