Valtra T Series Rework V1.1

Have here for you the Valtra T times IC control and a few Optical Corrections missed:
– IC control:
Door left, roof hatch (handle animated), rear windows, side windows, steering wheel, warning plates,
Round lights and mudguards on / dismountable.
– Door can be opened from the outside.
– Windshield wiper in the front goes automatically in the rain and all can be switched individually.
– Warning sign lighting goes out when folding
– Wide tires
– Wide tires with wheel weights
– Road tires
– Internal sound is louder at the open door, roof etc
– number plate lighting

Price: from 93000 €
Maximum speed: 50 km / h
Maximum power: from 170 to 250 HP
Maintenance costs: from 85 to 125 € / day

Modell: Giants/Waslos?
Textur: Giants/Waslos?
Script: Giants/Waslos?
Idee / Konzept: Waslos?


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