Westbridge Hills Map V7.0

Hello this my favorite map in farming simulator since 15 (Westbridge Hills 7)
1- Add fermenter 5000 convert chaff to silage capacity 900 000 (GTX Mods)
2- Small useful change BGA ( you can tip silage direct in bunker)
– bunker capacity 150000L
– bunker use speed 5000
– you can tip 200000L of silage in one load with time scale in game =1

3- Futtermischer for pig&cow (kevink98/Marhu/Kastor)
4- Owned 1 flat field N 4 (wheat + fertilzed)
5- Train (send off ) 2 sell grain point..+1 Special for potato & shuguar beet
6- Train (send off ) 1 sell wood point.
7- All field created …seed .fertilized & fixed with . with grleConverter
8- Updated to patch1.4.4 and up ( Animal & BGA …. ect )
9- Add GoldNugget
10- All eggs in one place

No error log
by dajoun Tunisia

Model: GIANTS Software
Texture: GIANTS Software
Script: GTX Mods /kevink98/Marhu/Kastor
Idea / Concept: Dajoun_Tunisia
Testing: Dajoun_Tunisia


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