Zd Malviny 1992 V1.1.1

Version v1.1.1:
Repair corrupted boot file.

ARTmods comes with a corrected version of MALVINY 1992. All bugs you reported have been fixed and the total map size in MB has been reduced. Thank you for your favor. If possible, keep the link.

– 5 villages + 28 fields and large forests
– Cows, Sheep, Sheep 2, Pigs, Sows, Hen, Hens – Breeding, Pony, Geese
(all animated)
– Basic crops

– Pallets
– Cartons
– Beer
– Scrap
– Feeding for pigs
– Feeding for cows
– Saw – Wooden boards, prisms and chips
– Sheep’s milk
– Dairy – yoghurt, condensed milk, butter, kefir
– Production of seed
– Diesel
– Liquid fertilizer
– Powdered fertilizer
– Sipping feeding pigs
– Seed packing, Egg production and packing, Hazelnut
– Sugar – sugar, beet pulp, molasses (can be fed cows)
– Composter

Greenhouses – strawberries, raspberries, currants
Apple orchard
Vinohrady – barrels and bottles

A large amount of purchases
Waste collection
Map not tested on Seasons mod
Used scripts: FabricScript + MCompanyFactory

All questions and bug reports on:

Please keep the link for download. Thanks



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